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Complaints Procedure

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Complaints Procedure




1.       SCOPE


ii.     All Customer complaints with regards to products supplied or service given will be recorded together with actions taken to rectify through to the final stage of Customer satisfaction.   


2.       PROCEDURE 


 i   A Complaints Book is provided for this purpose which is in duplicate. 

ii.     On receipt of a customer complaint by telephone or letter the following details are recorded on message pad and in complaints register. All customers must be contacted regarding the complaint within 5 days.

a.       Date and time of call.

b.      Customer Name and Address.

c.       Name of the caller.

d.       Nature of complaint in detail.

e.       Name of Staff Member taking the call. 

iii.                           Customer is assured of our immediate attention and told that the matter will be investigated by one of the Partners. 

iv.                          The top copy is immediately passed to a Partner in the office or details are given over the phone after the office has telephoned him. 


3.      Any Complaint is treated with the utmost urgency (first contact to customer by ourselves must be with 5 days) and will be pursued until the customer is happy with the outcome. 


4.      On completion the full details will be entered on both copies and the top copy filed for reference, wherever possible the customer will be asked to confirm in writing that the complaint has been handled to his complete satisfaction. 


5.      Any correspondence referring to the complaint will be filed with the office copy. 


6.      Disciplinary action may be required and details of this will also be filed with the complaint paperwork as well as in the individuals Quality File. 


7.      Should a Supplier be involved further action is taken and all correspondence filed with the top copy. 


8.      The final outcome is recorded in the Complaints book and file.

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