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Fire Extinguisher Servicing to BS5306

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Portable fire extinguisher inspection is not only a legal requirement under Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, but is  a usually a requirement under your insurance schedule and finally a requirement under the Health And Safety at Work Act.  The inspection ensures that the extinguisher will work if required and in a good state of repair. 


This inspected must  be completed by an experienced trained fire extinguisher technician and be carried out annually (or more frequent for high risk locations or corrosive environments). To ensure compliance with this legislation, all Kent Extinguisher Service And Sales technicians are fully trained, hold a recognised fire extinguisher competence certificate, and have refresher certificates as laid out in British Standard 5306 part3 2009 annexe A .


Fire extinguishers at some time have to be discharge tested and recharged (also known as extended service), we can usually carry this out on site, so causing very minimal disruption to your business.  By refilling existing units the cost is kept to a minimum, you are not always purchasing new replacement extinguishers and finally it's more environmentally friendly to reuse.


When the inspection is completed a fully detailed report will be issued complete with a Certificate of Inspection.  We will make recommendations to ensure your facility is protected with the appropriate fire extinguishers to cover you to the required legal requirements.  There will be no hard sell, the information will be given to you and then you can make up your own mind on how you wish to continue.

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Our commitment to excellent service is second to none and equally as important is our price promise. We guarantee to beat any quote you receive for the same service.

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Extended service collars are used which proves that we have removed the headcap assembly and recharged the extinguisher.  These collars are colour coded to identify year of test.

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact means that we will discharge test and recharge any fit for purpose fire extinguishers. This keeps our carbon footprint to its lowest possible level. Plus it keeps your servicing bills lower as you do not have to buy new extinguishers and pay to dispose of your old ones.
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